Who Is Equilus Capital Partners?

Equilus Capital Partners, LLC (ECP) is an SEC/FINRA registered capital equity firm, investing its members’ holdings in income-producing real estate throughout the Pacific Northwest. ECP manages Real Estate Investment Trust Fund’s (REIT’s), where individuals or businesses can invest in a truly diversified portfolio.

What Is a REIT?

A Real Estate Investment Trust Fund, or REIT for short, is similar to a mutual fund but specifically for real estate.

The idea behind both mutual funds and REITs is to leverage the diversity of multiple investment opportunities for diversification and  to mitigate risk. A REIT typically allows investors to create a more diverse real estate portfolio than is possible with individual properties since the financial investment is dispersed throughout the fund.

By carefully selecting income-producing properties throughout the northwest from a diverse range of real estate types, we provide a stable investment platform that has shown consistent, year-over-year performance and has historically outperformed the S&P markets.

Is a REIT Right for You?

  • Are you looking for ways to diversify your investments by adding real estate to your portfolio?
  • Are you interested in investing in real estate but lack the capital  or knowledge to invest in diverse income producing real estate projects?
  • Do you lack the experience or confidence to select real estate investments on your own?
  • Are you considering real estate as an investment tool to both generate income and receive tax advantages?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then a REIT might be for you.

Where Do We Invest?

Our management team sources investment opportunities thru income-producing properties and joint-ventures with real estate developers to create a diverse portfolio for our REIT’s. We choose from properties such as:

  • Multi-family rental units, planned unit developments, condominiums and townhouses
  • Vacation rentals, including hotels , condominiums and recreational facilities
  • Commercial developments, including office, professional, medical and retail

Who Owns the Assets?

The real estate underlying assets are owned entirely by the REIT investment membership base. In other words, REIT members own portions of the properties relative to their investment. Income generated by the REIT is issued in quarterly dividends and tax deductions from expenses and other tax benefits are also passed through to the members.

Equilus Capital Partners is proud to be the only local fund registered with the NASDAQ.